Something for the weekend


Well that’s Sunday sorted!

Tabitha II

Just a quick lunch-time post about Lovetabii’s (formerly known as Glamrocks) latest issue of Tabitha magazine. Bloggers turned bona fide magazine editors, I was delighted to have been asked to contribute to the second issue, writing a piece on Erika Fox of Retro Flame and Grace Mangan of Lace Whisper. Without giving too much away, check out Tabitha II for shoots styled and shot by the stellar editorial team – Úna O’Boyle, Louise Ryan and Shane O’Connor – trend updates, features on various Dublin goings-on and much MUCH more! Available all over Dublin, check out their website and Facebook page for updates and snippets from both Lovetabii’s blog and their ongoing work on Tabitha III. Once again girls – and Shane! – thank you for involving me. And thank you to the two girls featured who put up with my incessant questioning and numerous emails!

Weekend Read

A fascinating look at where it all began in sixties Vietnam for the woman who went on to revolutionise photography. To think that she started in the sixties and she’s still going strong is testament to her innate talent. Her body of work from the eighties onwards is particularly though-provoking. Annie’s chapter on touring with the Rolling Stones in the seventies is such an incredible insight into life on the road as it was in its heyday. You won’t be able to put it down!