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AW12: II lookbook from The Revolver Project. Vintage finds (Yes, more vintage and to that I say, so what?)  leaving me lusting after one item in particular, which shall remain Top Secret until I can get my hands on it! Check them out on Facebook or Twitter here.

Beatriz Palacios: A new favourite

You know when you suddenly get the urge to pop into a shop for no apparent reason, and it always ends up being for the absolute Greater Good? Well this is what brought me to the work of jewellery designer Beatriz Palacios last week. Heading for home one evening I popped into The Loft Market in what was a combination of filling time and wishing to browse somewhere other than the high street. Lo and behold, my jewellery collection will never be the same again! Despite Beatriz’s thoroughly reasonable mid-range prices (the most expensive item comes in at €90 for a heavy gold collar), I am perennially broke these days (ah, the life of a commuting intern!) and look forward to the day when I can don a custom-made Beatriz Palacios piece. To shop Beatriz, see here or pop into the Powerscourt Centre’s Loft Market.

Quite the quandary

The search for the perfect winter coat(s) is ongoing. This season, I had said to myself I was going to do the sensible thing (in fashion terms, that is) and sort myself out with a veritable selection of sturdy and reliable – yet thoroughly trendy and guaranteed to inspire fash-envy in others – winter coats. However… On coming across Elin Kling‘s latest addition to her wardrobe, perhaps I could do away with the idea of owing a nice selection and instead pour every penny I have into Stine Goya’s Consequence leather jacket? Oversized, slouchy, worn in, gold zips…The list goes on – I  seriously NEED. See here for a snapshot of Anywho bloggers in the sellout Consequence.

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ASOS Curve: The lookbook

Finally,  a collection for curvy women I can get on board with! ASOS Curve’s AW12 lookbook has gone live, and as would be expected, is so jaw-droppingly gorgeous, it’s a sure sellout. Offering plus-size ladies what they have been calling out for, ASOS Curve is the label to do away with plus-sized fashions of old, which, let’s be honest, have been rather dismal up until now. At times, it appears plus-size retailers feel curvy women should be applauded and deemed stylish for doing away with the grey sweats and throwing on a multi-coloured tunic, or some other equally unflattering curvy girl’s ‘uniform’. In this case, ASOS Curve provides real fashion for real women – not the derogatory term that ‘real women’ has become in the wider media however – but with pieces that are affordable, fashion-forward and most of all, flattering. So on-trend and so lust-worthy are this lookbook’s offerings that I found myself checking them and similar other items out online, and now have a considerable selection saved in my shopping basket (some of which will hopefully make it to the checkout eventually – especially that leather snapback and seriously statement chain).

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I put some new shoes on…again

An obvious shoe binge has taken place in the last few weeks, what with my recent River Island purchase and now these Chanel-inspired boots from Office. LOVE.