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AW12: II lookbook from The Revolver Project. Vintage finds (Yes, more vintage and to that I say, so what?)  leaving me lusting after one item in particular, which shall remain Top Secret until I can get my hands on it! Check them out on Facebook or Twitter here.

A mini all-round

// Topshop jumper // River Island skirt // Topshop ankle boots // Accessorize earrings // Topshop sweater // River Island skirt // Topshop ankle boots // H&M necklace //

A mini outfit post featuring me doubling up on my leather (mini) skirt from River Island, and also – more importantly – wearing my hair in something other than a topknot (in one photo at least – it’s progress). Fancy that! Basically just two quick snaps of outfits from weeks gone by (ignoring the obvious repetition of the bottom half), in a skater-style skirt that has become a wardrobe staple, paired in both cases with a chunky jumper in one and a basic sweater in another. Ticking off the oversized trend in a black Topshop knit, while still clinging to the summer in grey jersey, I like to think my daily ‘work look’ has morphed into something altogether simpler, yet stylish.

ASOS Curve: The lookbook

Finally,  a collection for curvy women I can get on board with! ASOS Curve’s AW12 lookbook has gone live, and as would be expected, is so jaw-droppingly gorgeous, it’s a sure sellout. Offering plus-size ladies what they have been calling out for, ASOS Curve is the label to do away with plus-sized fashions of old, which, let’s be honest, have been rather dismal up until now. At times, it appears plus-size retailers feel curvy women should be applauded and deemed stylish for doing away with the grey sweats and throwing on a multi-coloured tunic, or some other equally unflattering curvy girl’s ‘uniform’. In this case, ASOS Curve provides real fashion for real women – not the derogatory term that ‘real women’ has become in the wider media however – but with pieces that are affordable, fashion-forward and most of all, flattering. So on-trend and so lust-worthy are this lookbook’s offerings that I found myself checking them and similar other items out online, and now have a considerable selection saved in my shopping basket (some of which will hopefully make it to the checkout eventually – especially that leather snapback and seriously statement chain).

//Fashion Gone Rogue//

The scrapbook

For years I had been clipping editorials, photoshoots and articles and the like that caught my eye from various fashion magazines –  apart from Vogue, that would feel like sacrilege in a way – until I literally had no more folders left, while other chosen bits were strewn across my desk in my room, ultimately defeating the purpose of keeping them in the first place. Thus the ‘scrapbook’, more along the lines of a constant moodboard, was born and has since developed a life of its own. Small in size, I am looking for a larger notebook, similar to the one seen here, in which I can paste in larger pictures, articles, other clippings and so on. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’m a stationery fiend as it is, and had bought this Paperchase diary already. Seeking something worthy of it, what better than a fashion scrapbook/moodboard? While there is an abundance of magazine clippings, my own notes can be seen throughout, scrawled in haste for the most part. With various upcoming projects, notes for past articles, ideas and hopes for the blog, styling odds and ends, this diary wouldn’t make any sense to anybody else. I, on the other hand, would be lost without it, and like to see it as the draft version of Style from Scratch. This scrapbook allows for something tangible, as everything I write about is, for the most part, online.

See Susie Bubble for a rare glimpse at the inimitable ADR’s very own scrapbook.

Buffalo hearts Sarah too

Irish Tatler’s Editorial Assistant and blogger Sarah Hegarty adds more modelling notches to the proverbial bedpost in Seán Jackson’s stellar shots for Buffalo shoes. Sarah was most recently seen in Tabitha Magazine’s début issue in their ‘We Heart Your Style’ feature. Styled by Colm Corrigan, Sarah is seen in a range of designs from some of Ireland’s favourite international designers. Not much information is given with Fash Mob’s brief write-up, so now I’m left intrigued and wanting for all the details surrounding the shots themselves/how Sarah came to the attention of Buffalo/Buffalo’s latest direction, etc. etc. Basically, being a nosy blogger.

So natural is the styling, it almost seems that Sarah could be wearing her own clothes. While the shoes are of course *centre focus* in what is a campaign for Buffalo shoes and Buffalo shoes alone, the combination of an up-and-coming Irish fashion journalist and stellar styling from le Corrigan really does lend itself to us being captivated by the looks in their entirety. I loved it as soon as I saw it, with two looks standing out in particular. Classic Levis with JC-inspired boots and a knit D&G top is stylish and pretty, but not overly-girly. Tie for favourite is another look featuring denim, this time a knotted shirt teamed with pleated midi skirt and *gawjus* Buffalo booties. Just in time for the winter season (summer never came, it’s time to look to winter)!

//Fash Mob//