Fashion illustrations: What about them?

Editorials, photo shoots and campaigns are so widespread these days, there’s an undeniable level of saturation; fashion illustrations are a fantastic way of challenging this. Fashion illustrations render a link between the finished piece and that which is merely a drawing, for don’t all designer creations start out as sketches? Dignified and understated, Teri Chung’s illustrations capture the flow and vitality of designs from Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga as does any photographer worth their salt. Something I’m looking to focus on more, is fashion illustration an untapped market? Or have I just been ignorant to it thus far? Overlooked by the mainstream media for the most part (I feel!), indie publications such as i-D and fashion photographer Rankin’s The Hunger magazine make great use of fashion illustrations, some of which I will post here for you all soon.

The scrapbook

For years I had been clipping editorials, photoshoots and articles and the like that caught my eye from various fashion magazines –  apart from Vogue, that would feel like sacrilege in a way – until I literally had no more folders left, while other chosen bits were strewn across my desk in my room, ultimately defeating the purpose of keeping them in the first place. Thus the ‘scrapbook’, more along the lines of a constant moodboard, was born and has since developed a life of its own. Small in size, I am looking for a larger notebook, similar to the one seen here, in which I can paste in larger pictures, articles, other clippings and so on. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’m a stationery fiend as it is, and had bought this Paperchase diary already. Seeking something worthy of it, what better than a fashion scrapbook/moodboard? While there is an abundance of magazine clippings, my own notes can be seen throughout, scrawled in haste for the most part. With various upcoming projects, notes for past articles, ideas and hopes for the blog, styling odds and ends, this diary wouldn’t make any sense to anybody else. I, on the other hand, would be lost without it, and like to see it as the draft version of Style from Scratch. This scrapbook allows for something tangible, as everything I write about is, for the most part, online.

See Susie Bubble for a rare glimpse at the inimitable ADR’s very own scrapbook.

Midweek Treat #2

Random accumulation of the week’s most captivating images/editorials/collections/street style shots thus far. As you can see, there’s no one running link, no concurrent theme, just a bunch of fantastic images from some of the best blogs and designers. Happy Wednesday!

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Springfield’s Newest Residents

You know that you’ve made it when you’ve been immortalised in Simpsons form.

Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld can say they’ve truly made it now, all thanks to illustrator Alexsandro Palombo.


Illustrations from the Fab Ciraolo

Clever, tongue-in-cheek illustrations from the fabulous blogger, Fab Ciraolo.

From my own interpretation his work is a play on controversial, established figures with contemporary themes, while still being fun and creative. My personal favourite is Fab’s interpretation of Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra. Also, how much does Fab’s Che Guevara look like a young Benicio del Toro?

Having begun reading Harper’s Bazaar: The Illustrations, 1930s-1970s recently, I’m finding illustrations to be all the more fascinating. Even as I was reading through February’s Marie Claire today, contemporary illustrations were side-by-side with photographs, as two equally powerful mediums.

In summary, I like Fab’s work! For more of his work, click here.