Editorials: An accumlation

I’m an editorial fiend, an absolute junkie for a slick layout and some stellar styling. I pore through all fashion spreads in every magazine I can, dropping everything I’m doing at that moment in time. The same goes for that time of day when Fashion Gone Rogue’s newsletter lands in my inbox (it goes without saying that I am more than happy FGR has been able to continue – as well as editorial content, it has also introduced me to some of my favourite indie magazines and independent publications). As do most people at some stage, I sometimes think that I’m stuck in a style ‘rut’ as regards content; in that I cling to the same type of styling over and over. For the most part, masculine tailoring with lashings of statement gold jewellery is guaranteed to make me salivate. However, in this instance, I think I’ve picked a pretty random, albeit fabulous, selection. Can anybody spot a theme? Which editorial is your favourite?

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Interview Russia with a spread focusing on the work of Rei Kawakubo and her work for Comme des Garcons. Photography from Jason Kibbler is just out of this world in a blaze of hyperreal-meets-digital infusion glory.

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The scrapbook

For years I had been clipping editorials, photoshoots and articles and the like that caught my eye from various fashion magazines –  apart from Vogue, that would feel like sacrilege in a way – until I literally had no more folders left, while other chosen bits were strewn across my desk in my room, ultimately defeating the purpose of keeping them in the first place. Thus the ‘scrapbook’, more along the lines of a constant moodboard, was born and has since developed a life of its own. Small in size, I am looking for a larger notebook, similar to the one seen here, in which I can paste in larger pictures, articles, other clippings and so on. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

I’m a stationery fiend as it is, and had bought this Paperchase diary already. Seeking something worthy of it, what better than a fashion scrapbook/moodboard? While there is an abundance of magazine clippings, my own notes can be seen throughout, scrawled in haste for the most part. With various upcoming projects, notes for past articles, ideas and hopes for the blog, styling odds and ends, this diary wouldn’t make any sense to anybody else. I, on the other hand, would be lost without it, and like to see it as the draft version of Style from Scratch. This scrapbook allows for something tangible, as everything I write about is, for the most part, online.

See Susie Bubble for a rare glimpse at the inimitable ADR’s very own scrapbook.

The V&A’s Best British Ballgowns

A few sneaky pictures from the pre-Best British Ballgowns exhibition in the Victoria & Albert museum. Taken on my iPhone, excuse the so-so quality. After turning up after four pm one day, we were told that tickets were no longer being sold for the main exhibition. After coming all that way and catching a glimpse of the stunning gowns in the main exhibition hall, there was no question as to whether we would come back the next day. We were however, allowed into the free fashion exhibitions, which is what I have here. With a range of fashion’s greatest and most iconic styles and trends from the 1800s right up to seventies Biba, the V&A showed why they are renowned for their fashion exhibitions. Without a doubt, my favourite pieces were the 1920s Flapper Girls and the vintage sequined Chanel jumpsuit.

After returning to the museum the next day – this time it wasn’t even an option for me to whip out my iPhone due to the burly security people doing the rounds – the main exhibition, i.e. the real deal Best British Ballgowns, was smaller and more exclusive, but no less stunning. Featuring contemporary creations for the most part, some immediately identifiable – Princess Diana’s pearl-encrusted dress and bolero for example – to those never-before-seen creations from altogether fantastic designers, I could have walked around what was a relatively small space for hours on end. Mary Katrantzou, Christopher Kane, Roksanda Illincic, Erdem, Chanel, Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Lanvin were just some of the major designers on display throughout the main exhibition. Running until January 2013, I’ll be making a trip again.

A Mixed Bag

Some of my favourite looks from the Screen Actors Guild Awards last night. Some choices are obvious, as with Zoe Saldana in Givenchy Haute Couture. Others, like Shailene Woodley in L’Wren Scott, I just like for the fact that they’re a bit out of the ordinary and not your traditional taffeta Awards Ceremony ball gown.

When the standard was so high, Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie were disappointments. Out of all the gowns that have been donned this awards season, it’s Rose Byrne’s Ellie Saab jumpsuit that has got to be my favourite so far, really quirky and really original for the SAG Awards.