Blogger Biography

My name is Meghan and I’m a recent Journalism & Irish graduate from DCU. Fashion and style-obsessed all my life, I started this blog was started in late 2011. Still a newbie by fashion blogging standards, I love the way Style from Scratch is ticking over so far. A free forum for me to discuss all things fashion-related, Style from Scratch – formerly Fashionable Photography is constantly changing and progressing, in keeping with my journey as an aspiring fashion writer and journalist.

Having always loved fashion, I was reluctant to put myself out there. In my final year of a three-year degree, I decided it was now or never. While I have missed out on some fantastic opportunities, I have also opened myself up to many others in my eagerness to catch up. Late to the blogging scene too, I’ve made up for it since. A member of most online fashion blogging forums, with a strong social media presence and ever-developing links with various Irish fashion bloggers, fashion journalists and media personalities, you will most likely find me ‘fash-speaking’ with other like-minded individuals!

Currently interning, I also contribute to, as well as various other up-and-coming Irish blogger-founded magazines. For my ‘official’ CV, see my LinkedIn profile.

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