“Wear it in and wear it out”

From the man who gave us skin-tight lycra and Kiss-inspired make up in ‘Let Me Entertain You’, Robbie Williams has moved on to menswear, cultivating a label and burgeoning brand that represents the new Robbie most perfectly (having undergone his miraculous life change over the past few years – a combination of maturity, ambition and the love of a good woman). Accompanied by his Head of Design, Ben Dickens, formerly of Burberry, both have laid a solid foundation with their collection of high-end classic menswear with a twist, in what I hope is a successful endeavour for Mr Williams. It goes without saying that I’m usually dubious of artists-turned-designers. It’s early days yet but so far, Robbie carries off his new role with aplomb, initiative and his quintessential cheek, with his influence abundantly clear in their AW12 campaign. To shop Farrell or for more on the brand, including the origins of the label’s motto – “Wear it in and wear it out” – click here.


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