Beatriz Palacios: A new favourite

You know when you suddenly get the urge to pop into a shop for no apparent reason, and it always ends up being for the absolute Greater Good? Well this is what brought me to the work of jewellery designer Beatriz Palacios last week. Heading for home one evening I popped into The Loft Market in what was a combination of filling time and wishing to browse somewhere other than the high street. Lo and behold, my jewellery collection will never be the same again! Despite Beatriz’s thoroughly reasonable mid-range prices (the most expensive item comes in at €90 for a heavy gold collar), I am perennially broke these days (ah, the life of a commuting intern!) and look forward to the day when I can don a custom-made Beatriz Palacios piece. To shop Beatriz, see here or pop into the Powerscourt Centre’s Loft Market.

Fashion illustrations: What about them?

Editorials, photo shoots and campaigns are so widespread these days, there’s an undeniable level of saturation; fashion illustrations are a fantastic way of challenging this. Fashion illustrations render a link between the finished piece and that which is merely a drawing, for don’t all designer creations start out as sketches? Dignified and understated, Teri Chung’s illustrations capture the flow and vitality of designs from Jil Sander, Comme des Garcons and Balenciaga as does any photographer worth their salt. Something I’m looking to focus on more, is fashion illustration an untapped market? Or have I just been ignorant to it thus far? Overlooked by the mainstream media for the most part (I feel!), indie publications such as i-D and fashion photographer Rankin’s The Hunger magazine make great use of fashion illustrations, some of which I will post here for you all soon.

Suited and booted

This is a look I absolutely love and have been raving about for ages now. Despite this trend being readily available on the high street in Warehouse and Topshop, particularly embraced by ASOS,  it’s a look I haven’t seen many people trying – it’s a look I haven’t tried yet. Looking ahead to the Christmas outings, a suit-and-boot combo is a much preferrable option to tiny, sequinned dresses – it calls out to my anti-glamourpuss!

“Wear it in and wear it out”

From the man who gave us skin-tight lycra and Kiss-inspired make up in ‘Let Me Entertain You’, Robbie Williams has moved on to menswear, cultivating a label and burgeoning brand that represents the new Robbie most perfectly (having undergone his miraculous life change over the past few years – a combination of maturity, ambition and the love of a good woman). Accompanied by his Head of Design, Ben Dickens, formerly of Burberry, both have laid a solid foundation with their collection of high-end classic menswear with a twist, in what I hope is a successful endeavour for Mr Williams. It goes without saying that I’m usually dubious of artists-turned-designers. It’s early days yet but so far, Robbie carries off his new role with aplomb, initiative and his quintessential cheek, with his influence abundantly clear in their AW12 campaign. To shop Farrell or for more on the brand, including the origins of the label’s motto – “Wear it in and wear it out” – click here.


// Penneys coat // Topshop tee // Urban Outfitters shorts // Converse // Siopaella chain //

What started out as your average post on this lovely tee in this lovely colour teamed with this lovely coat from Penneys turned into something a whole lot more sports luxe-ish upon realising that I didn’t want to cover this tee’s rolled-up sleeves with (I’ll admit it, much-needed)  layers. With that, said tee was untucked and the hair bunged up in a high pony, giving me one of my favourite #ootd’s in a while. My vintage chain from Siopaella (as seen here) is also on better display for all to see. Success!