She’s got the look

In keeping with recent androgynous trends – masculine tailoring influencing womenswear, loafers and brogues now the fash uniform du jour for women and the boundaries for what is considered menswear ‘only’ blurring ever so rapidly – it comes as no surprise that those modelling said trends and designs would embody the androgynous look. Enter one Cara Delevigne, sister of Brit supermodel Poppy Delevigne, who made her name as one of those heartbreachingly-cool Topshop models. In the last few seasons though, her profile has risen beyond all belief, having stomped down all major runways from London to New York, gracing the pages of many a hipster editorial, as well as becoming the face of Burberry alongside Eddie Redmayne in what was perhaps Burberry’s most successful season to date. Never was Roxette’s She’s Got the Look more appropriate than when applied to Cara Delevigne.


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