Dressing for fashion week

I consciously abstained from posting about fashion week and all its goings-ons. In saying that, now that the dust has settled on the SS13 shows, there is one observation to be made from the whole thing. Fashion Week, no matter the city, just sends ‘fashion’ people into absolute overdrive! Into a colossal tailspin whereby outfits are planned months in advance (!) and the main objective, judging by street style blogs and such, is to feature on said street style blogs. As is obvious, to feature on a street style blog is not the main objective of fashion week, however nice a perk it may be.

Think of fashion week as the opportunity to go all out, but in your (“your” addressing people who are actually lucky enough to make their way to fashion week) own way, in a manner that is not so clearly choreographed and attuned to the preferred stylings of certain street style photographers.

For example, Bryan Boy at NYFW feigning nonchalance and/or ignoring the lens pointed in his general direction – impractical, not to mention kinda ugly, this futuristic Alexander McQueen visor just adds to the Bryan-Boy-blogger-cliché. And my beloved Miroslava Duma, who generally gets it SO right – see here – falls prey to the vices of Fashion Week dressing too. And as to street style for Fashion Week in general, as Rosemary Mac Cabe of Fash Mob so eloquently put it, “Is it time to rename ‘street style’? My suggestion: ‘Thin people looking photogenic in expensive clothes'”.

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She’s got the look

In keeping with recent androgynous trends – masculine tailoring influencing womenswear, loafers and brogues now the fash uniform du jour for women and the boundaries for what is considered menswear ‘only’ blurring ever so rapidly – it comes as no surprise that those modelling said trends and designs would embody the androgynous look. Enter one Cara Delevigne, sister of Brit supermodel Poppy Delevigne, who made her name as one of those heartbreachingly-cool Topshop models. In the last few seasons though, her profile has risen beyond all belief, having stomped down all major runways from London to New York, gracing the pages of many a hipster editorial, as well as becoming the face of Burberry alongside Eddie Redmayne in what was perhaps Burberry’s most successful season to date. Never was Roxette’s She’s Got the Look more appropriate than when applied to Cara Delevigne.

Back to life

Words cannot do justice to how much I love this November spread from Vogue Paris, featuring Doutzen Kroes modelling looks styled by grand dame of the French fashion Bible herself, Emmanuelle Alt. Renowned for her sex kitten looks – Doutzen did start out as a Maybelline girl, fluttering her eyelashes and simpering for the cameras, afterall – her high-fashion prowess executes perfectly looks that are a stellar combination of some Boy George, a hefty dose of Madonna and a touch of Michael Jackson. Looking at this editorial, I imagine Soul II Soul’s ‘Back to Life‘ playing away in the background as Doutzen breaks it down eighties style on the beach. Not exactly what you would call high-fashion, but the shots are absolutely smouldering, which is in no doubt thanks to AW12 touches such as the Louis Vuitton-inspired layering of tunics over tapered pants, and sheer masculine tailoring, achieved with a classic white shirt, braces and high-waisted pants.

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A mini all-round

// Topshop jumper // River Island skirt // Topshop ankle boots // Accessorize earrings // Topshop sweater // River Island skirt // Topshop ankle boots // H&M necklace //

A mini outfit post featuring me doubling up on my leather (mini) skirt from River Island, and also – more importantly – wearing my hair in something other than a topknot (in one photo at least – it’s progress). Fancy that! Basically just two quick snaps of outfits from weeks gone by (ignoring the obvious repetition of the bottom half), in a skater-style skirt that has become a wardrobe staple, paired in both cases with a chunky jumper in one and a basic sweater in another. Ticking off the oversized trend in a black Topshop knit, while still clinging to the summer in grey jersey, I like to think my daily ‘work look’ has morphed into something altogether simpler, yet stylish.

Quite the quandary

The search for the perfect winter coat(s) is ongoing. This season, I had said to myself I was going to do the sensible thing (in fashion terms, that is) and sort myself out with a veritable selection of sturdy and reliable – yet thoroughly trendy and guaranteed to inspire fash-envy in others – winter coats. However… On coming across Elin Kling‘s latest addition to her wardrobe, perhaps I could do away with the idea of owing a nice selection and instead pour every penny I have into Stine Goya’s Consequence leather jacket? Oversized, slouchy, worn in, gold zips…The list goes on – I  seriously NEED. See here for a snapshot of Anywho bloggers in the sellout Consequence.

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