Blowing in the wind

// Urban Outfitter’s dress // Office boots // Accessorize collar // Assorted rings // Vintage watch //

It goes without saying that these days, outfit posts are few and far between from me! After really only starting in June, I’ve found that ‘real life’ has taken over more in the last few weeks, what with the daily interning commute and my part-time job, as well as trying to keep on top of a million other little things (blogging/writing/family & friends/other hobbies, etc.). I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions, some things are suffering and I think that there are going to have to be some changes made… As to outfit posts, sometimes I’m just not that inspired, and don’t want to post an average, everyday outfit that really isn’t worth drawing attention to. In saying that, last Thursday was my only day off so I dressed up for coffee (which turned into a night out) with a friend. Just relaxing, chilling out in a local coffee shop reminded me that I really need some semblance of a proper social life again!


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