Seize the day?

// Vila dress // Topshop ankle boots // Accessorize collar // Vintage watch // Assorted rings //

A quick outfit post, followed by apologies as to the lack of others in the last week or so. While I haven’t been manic busy of late, I have been settling into new work projects and adjusting to living at home full-time again (still haven’t quite gotten my head around the fact that I won’t be returning to DCU this year…). When I think back on it now though, this year itself has been manic. So much has happened and I’m in a completely different place to the one I thought I would be in only a few short months before I ‘officially’ graduate. It was only in September-October of 2011 that I really and truly decided to go with journalism (the course I happened to be studying…), for a career in the media, preferably in fashion journalism. Always himming-and-hawwing, now I just think – Why didn’t I just suck it up and realise what was staring me right in the face all along? SEIZE THE DAY, as I’m told they say. Which is what I am actively doing as of now and on second thoughts, not such a short outfit post and more of a reflective and thoroughly rambling rant. As to the OOTD, not really my usual style but in keeping with embracing new things, etc. etc., here we have probably one of the most delicate dresses I own, teamed with leopard print and gold-plated goodness.


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