What of fashion film?

I read somewhere a while back (I’m going to say IFB, I think?) that a good blog is music and video free. Starting out blogging, IFB was a handbook of sorts for me and it’s only now that I realise how utterly ridiculous it would be to ban music and videography from a fashion and lifestyle blog, especially with the increase of fashion film and behind-the-scenes footage that accompanies most photoshoots these days.

An area embraced by fashion die-hards and industry insiders alone until now, fashion film as a genre is gaining momentum, with Business of Fashion discussing its merits here and here recently. I myself posted about an initiative sponsored by River Island in conjunction with the British Fashion Council earlier this year, focusing entirely on their Fash/On initiative in the run up to London Fashion Week. Fashion film can be anything from a behind-the-scenes montage from a photoshoot to the interactive realisation of a narrative in an editorial. In the above fashion films, I love the way both soundtracks mix with the styling and the theme of these shorts. It gives an altogether fresher dimension to what’s on offer for fashion consumers who may be suffering from editorial overload what with the proliferation of all manner of photoshoots nowadays. What’s more, they’re just fun!

As London Fashion Week draws ever nearer (yes, it’s that time of year already), I eagerly await what those at the forefront of fashion, those in the know and ultimately, those with the unlimited resources have given those of us exploring the ‘unchartered’ territory that is fashion film.


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