Can we still be friends?

The answer being no, Alexandra Shulman, no we cannot. Stick with what you know, editing the one and only British Vogue. I eagerly awaited the launch of the book and was left disappointed. ‘Can We Still be Friends?’, Alexandra’s début novel and one which she had longed to write for some time, follows three university friends and ambitious individuals in eighties London, striving to find their niche in The City after being hoisted out into the real world. Unfortunately, the subject matter feels played out and Alexandra’s description of the decade that style forgot (some may say) comes across as a third party retelling of the way things were, almost clichéd in its description of society, fashion and one particular glamour model turned PR maven. However, it’s a timeless subject, which most teens and young adults will identify with. Entertaining and readable, CWSBF will never top bestseller lists, but it’s by no means signals the death knell for Alexandra’s literary career. If for nothing else, fashion die-hards will purchase, read and subsequently keep this book as a collector’s item of sorts (guilty). Also, for those of you who may question the timing of this post, I’m not slow, I just hadn’t got round to posting about it. Happy reading, folks!


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