Buffalo hearts Sarah too

Irish Tatler’s Editorial Assistant and blogger Sarah Hegarty adds more modelling notches to the proverbial bedpost in Seán Jackson’s stellar shots for Buffalo shoes. Sarah was most recently seen in Tabitha Magazine’s début issue in their ‘We Heart Your Style’ feature. Styled by Colm Corrigan, Sarah is seen in a range of designs from some of Ireland’s favourite international designers. Not much information is given with Fash Mob’s brief write-up, so now I’m left intrigued and wanting for all the details surrounding the shots themselves/how Sarah came to the attention of Buffalo/Buffalo’s latest direction, etc. etc. Basically, being a nosy blogger.

So natural is the styling, it almost seems that Sarah could be wearing her own clothes. While the shoes are of course *centre focus* in what is a campaign for Buffalo shoes and Buffalo shoes alone, the combination of an up-and-coming Irish fashion journalist and stellar styling from le Corrigan really does lend itself to us being captivated by the looks in their entirety. I loved it as soon as I saw it, with two looks standing out in particular. Classic Levis with JC-inspired boots and a knit D&G top is stylish and pretty, but not overly-girly. Tie for favourite is another look featuring denim, this time a knotted shirt teamed with pleated midi skirt and *gawjus* Buffalo booties. Just in time for the winter season (summer never came, it’s time to look to winter)!

//Fash Mob//


One thought on “Buffalo hearts Sarah too

  1. Hi! Thanks for linking 😀

    I gather that Sarah was chosen by the photographer / stylist team, rather than by Buffalo, but I could be wrong – I didn’t go into it because I didn’t want to concentrate on the model, but preferred to focus on the artistry of the shots themselves. I’m as nosy as the next blogger, but maybe about different things!

    If you contact Buffalo on Twitter @buffalodublin I’m sure they’ll be able to answer any questions you might have about their new direction 😀

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