Velvet: The real deal

/ Urban Outfitters cardigan / Vintage top / High-waisted Levis / Topshop ankle boots / Topshop clutch / H&M earrings / Vintage watch / Penneys ring /

First of all, apologies for the blurry photos, my camera settings were all out of whack but I just love this outfit so much, I had to post it. I posted a sneak peek of this top a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for the chance to post the real thing ever since. I had originally styled it with a velvet bodycon skirt in the same colour but the dressy top just worked so much better with Levi’s and an oversized cardigan.

A bargain at £8 from a vintage shop in Notting Hill, this gorgeous top was spotted by mother dearest. Luxurious and in fantastic condition, high street offerings in crushed velvet have nothing on it. Even though it’s velvet and lined in silk, the sleeveless cut means it can be worn during the summer too. Almost like a polo neck (which I’ve rolled down in these pictures), it will work well for the winter with statement collars and drop earrings, something I’m embracing again.


4 thoughts on “Velvet: The real deal

  1. Your blog is becoming one of my favourites! Your style is so fresh and unique which I love when all I see around me in the world of fashion in Ireland are girls just looking the same…

  2. Thank you! As you know I’m only starting out with outfit posts but hopefuly I’ll keep up with the same style. I find that too, especially with international bloggers, and even some of those that aren’t as well-known, have their own way to dress ‘fashion blogger’.

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