As the water falls

/ Topshop jacket / Silence & Noise midi dress / Urban Outfitters ankle socks / ASOS and Zara Taylor chains / vintage watch / Urban Outfitters ankle socks / Low top Cons /

Again with the Topshop jacket, I know. It just goes with absolutely everything I own, the impact this has on my wardrobe is absolutely priceless! The real focal point of this post for me though is this dress I picked up in Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden. Covent Garden’s outlet is a Mecca for UO’s prettiest and quirkiest pieces, and seeing as it was the last day and funds were pretty much non-existent, I went with this dress. Between the midi length, the jagged hem and the abstract pattern, this dress flows. It’s feminine but not too girly, which I like. I also love the way it has a slightly higher neckline, allowing for pretty pieces of jewellery, like these chains, to mix with the pattern of the dress.


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