Upon closer inspection

It’s not until the second glance or so that you realise above stylista has paired his paisley bomber with some fetching polka dot trews

Summer smart: Full rigout, minus the socks, plus a less-sophisticated gent trailing in their wake

Check and polka dots for an altogether preppy look, which upon closer inspection, is a look elevated by silver knuckledusters and gent’s version of a dip-dye

Two halves of the same coin (or however that saying goes): Seemingly identical double-breasted navy jacket taken two ways, scruffy perfection on our right and buttoned-up chic on our left

Mirroring: Another duo, this time rocking baby blue shirts, one with complementing baby blue and pink (covering up a number of questionable tattoos) waistcoat, the other in a herringbone jacket

The man bag has now evolved into the man-clutch

Hopelessly endearing, upon closer inspection, geek VS jock exists in one form or another – in this case in a kooky forest green blazer giving the thumbs up to the strapping, effortlessly stylish peace-giving would-be counterpart

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4 thoughts on “Upon closer inspection

    • That’s a fair point, but then you could say that about some of the biggest lady’s trends at the moment too I think…

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