Menswear: To be continued

I’m going to be honest and admit that I don’t know that much about menswear. Whether it be trends, tailoring, what’s appropriate, what’s not, etc., I’m just not that clued in. Despite the fact that London Collections: Men debuted while I was in London, I didn’t make the effort to pop along (something I now regret). From my daily internet prowling, I gather (I’m so ‘with it’) that right now, menswear is where it’s at. So while I plan to acquaint myself with the various collections and shows I have been missing out on, above are just some of what I grasped, most of it being pretty fantastic.

On a little sidenote, I find streetstyle shots to be that much more fascinating, especially menswear streetstyle, something wholly different to that of the highly publicised global phenomenon that is women’s streetstyle.

//All images are linked//


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