As the water falls

/ Topshop jacket / Silence & Noise midi dress / Urban Outfitters ankle socks / ASOS and Zara Taylor chains / vintage watch / Urban Outfitters ankle socks / Low top Cons /

Again with the Topshop jacket, I know. It just goes with absolutely everything I own, the impact this has on my wardrobe is absolutely priceless! The real focal point of this post for me though is this dress I picked up in Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden. Covent Garden’s outlet is a Mecca for UO’s prettiest and quirkiest pieces, and seeing as it was the last day and funds were pretty much non-existent, I went with this dress. Between the midi length, the jagged hem and the abstract pattern, this dress flows. It’s feminine but not too girly, which I like. I also love the way it has a slightly higher neckline, allowing for pretty pieces of jewellery, like these chains, to mix with the pattern of the dress.

Gap-toothed beauties

What do the above ladies all have in common? For starters, they are all blonde bombshells, but most importantly, and most notably, they are all without question, gap-toothed beauties. And darn proud of it too. Eschewing the celebrity fad of horsey veneers and fake pearly whites, the above stellar supermodels champion their own unique quirk.

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“Sparkle sparkle”

/ Shutterbug tunic / Topshop jacket / Zara jeans / ASOS shoe boots / Vintage watch /
This title will inevitably remind Simpsons die-hards of the episode with Homer and the japanese washing-up powder (such depth behind my outfit posts), but it is really the only thing I could think of when naming this post. As is obvious, this vintage tunic from Shutterbug is the focal point of the outfit. Paired with toned-down separates – such as the new and much-adored jacket from London – an eighties-tastic top is made all the more wearable.

It’s the (stellar) little things

In the space of about three weeks since finally deciding to go for it and begin posting my own outfit posts, styling bits, daily looks, etc., I have accumulated an unbelievable amount of footage. I’m addicted! And am also stumped as to why I did not begin sooner? Outfit posts are the bread and butter of fashion blogging, and while I have been avidly following any and all fashion blogs for years now, outfit posts and the like are still a whole new ballgame to me and my personal blog. In keeping with Style from Scratch’s new direction, there will be some stellar changes over the coming weeks and months, so I am very excited to see where I can go from here with Style from Scratch’s renewed sense of purpose.

Velveteen dream

So it appears these pictures have been up on the blog for days without anything accompanying them? How, I do not know. Basically, they are sneak peeks from an upcoming outfit post, featuring one of my favourite purchases from London. A bargain £8 in Notting Hill, this high-necked velvet top is so unique, and was spotted by mother dearest, believe it or not!