Boy meets Girl

Three weeks into work experience at this stage, the time is flying! I also can’t belive it’s May and (technically) summer already – where is this year going? Guess I just have to trust that everything will come together if I keep at it. “It” being this whole fashion endeavour.

In the meantime, I’m still keeping an eye on the important things, like the Boy-meets-Girl trend I admire so much, and try to emulate as much as I can in my personal style. In this case, a go-to look, teaming an oversized chunky knit – preferably designed with men as the intended wearers – is pretty much the epitome of laidback cool when teamed over a billowing skirt in pastel shades with stellar accessories. How is a billowing skirt the ‘epitome of laidback cool’ you say? It’s all in the way it’s worn, it’s the ease with which a chunky fisherman’s jumper is thrown haphazardly over nothing more than an oversized petticoat in Natalie Joos’ case. A delicate chiffon midi skirt is given an edge with a a basic knit jumper and killer shoes (good killer that is).

It’s the simple things really.

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