I Love

Who deigns to say the Personal Style Diary is dying out?? Some stellar looks that warranted a sharp intake of breath and immediate fluttery feelings of I-must-have-everything-she-is-wearing mixed with frigg-I-really-need-to-start-doing-this! Each look is uniquely styled by the respective bloggers, with stellar pieces that warrant above-mentioned feelings. This time, Natalie Joos in stripes and polka dots with high-fashion runners (yes, they do exist) ranks as my favourite of the bunch. Andy from Style Scrapbook comes in a close second with her oversized, embellished denim jacket.

On a sidenote, apologies for the sparse posts of late, I’ve been busy on work experience. Coupled with dodgy internet and remaining college work, blogging has fallen by the wayside.

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In the summertime

Casting aside the fact that I don’t live in a Mediterranean country, or one where the sun shines even, the above is what I envision for a working wardrobe. I am determined to end up in an office/job/profession where fashion and styling is the very be-all-and-end-all.

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Baby/pastel pink, whatever shade you want to call it, it’s quite the trendy colour this season. But more than that, pastel/baby pink is quite the wearable, pretty colour. While it’s perfectly acceptable to go all-out sugary sweet this season – as seen on the runway at Louis Vuitton SS12 and in every fashion magazine since – for a more low-key look that won’t date as easily, make like those above and tone down this standout seasonal trend with neutrals and stellar accessories.

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Never looked so good

Wet hair has never looked so good.

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Arabian goth-ess

Arabian Godess meets Gothic elegance. I LOVE. A refreshing take on the summer spreads that are currently doing the rounds.