For the weekend ahead

After a week spent researching news & entertainment stories alone, with less than no time to catch up on blogs/daily fashion goings-on/fashion magazines or any of that lark, it’s nice to zone in on a few things that have taken my fancy of late. All images are linked, in which you will find bits and pieces from Australian label Maurie & Eve (expect a post on their Winter collection prontinto), neon accessories, minimal styling and some pretty fierce editorials, c/o Fashion Gone Rogue. It’s also worth noting that most of these gorgeous images, with the exception of those from FGR, have been gathered from Australian blogs, both up-and-coming and previously established. Something in the water perhaps?

I’ve been given tomorrow morning off, so I’ve come to the conclusion that a morning spent lapping up some fashion monthlies, aka Vogue & Co., can hardly be a bad thing before getting my hair done in the afternoon. It’s back to the grindstone come tomorrow evening though when work comes-a-calling.

//All images are linked//


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