All sorts wishlist

1) River Island buckle sandal  // 2) Eleven Objects detachable collar // 3) River Island strappy sandal // 4) Thunderbird Pointed detachable collar // 5) Zara blazer // 6) COS tapered trousers // 7) Zara snakeprint maxi skirt // 8) Zara printed shirt with studded collar // 9) Topshop lurex tank // 10) Topshop printed skirt // 11) Topshop aztec bodycon dress //12) Topshop metallic gilet // 13) Johnathan Saunders at ASOS boyfriend t-shirt // 14) ASOS cropped trousers // 15) Johnathan Saunders at ASOS boyfriend t-shirt // 16) ASOS paisley t-shirt

More so an excuse to play around with photo-editing software other than Photoshop, I give you my oh-so ingeniously-titled ‘All Sorts Wishlist’. High street with a little designer, none of it is altogether practical or work experience appropriate (depending on where I’m interning that is) but the entire wishlist is what I will more than likely spend every penny I have on in the coming months. Then I will want for nothing. Until I compile the ‘All Sorts Wishlist, Vol. II’.

monochrome & a touch of colour

Beginning with Ellery and now Maurie & Eve, I think I’ve been overlooking Australian labels. With “Feels Like the First Time” as their inspiration for their Winter 2012 collection, no truer words have been spoken.

Sports luxe,  a hint of neon, both flowing and edgy  maxi skirts, chiffon pastels and patterned tapered pants combined with minimalist pieces, Maurie & Eve’s Winter 2012 collection has tackled the biggest trends with aplomb. A winter collection clearly designed for the Australian climate, this in no way detracts from the stellar looks on display.

Now I’m left wondering who’s behind the label and this stellar collection? When looking at a label/collection/editorial, I love to know who’s behind it and how it came to be. In this case, it would be the  design trio that is Kelly Davies, Maya Clemmenson and Scott Davies. Not exactly the newbies I had assumed them to be then, the label was founded in 2004. Rather annoyingly, there are no Irish stockists. I’ll compensate in the meantime with similar pieces from high street stores such as Zara or Cos. On a designer level, I see Maurie & Eve as a contemporary of Stella McCartney in her early days with her relaxed, slouchy-stylish look.

//Maurie & Eve//

Off the Shoulder

The latest way to don your jacket is in a reckless, devil-may-care way, over or across your shoulders. Is it a do or a don’t? Possibly a don’t for us mere (Irish) mortals. For our effortlessly chic European counterparts however, it works.

On a completely unrelated note, check out Susie Bubble’s [Picture 2] latest post on Vogue’s début Fashion Festival for an honest insight into the weekend’s events.


For the weekend ahead

After a week spent researching news & entertainment stories alone, with less than no time to catch up on blogs/daily fashion goings-on/fashion magazines or any of that lark, it’s nice to zone in on a few things that have taken my fancy of late. All images are linked, in which you will find bits and pieces from Australian label Maurie & Eve (expect a post on their Winter collection prontinto), neon accessories, minimal styling and some pretty fierce editorials, c/o Fashion Gone Rogue. It’s also worth noting that most of these gorgeous images, with the exception of those from FGR, have been gathered from Australian blogs, both up-and-coming and previously established. Something in the water perhaps?

I’ve been given tomorrow morning off, so I’ve come to the conclusion that a morning spent lapping up some fashion monthlies, aka Vogue & Co., can hardly be a bad thing before getting my hair done in the afternoon. It’s back to the grindstone come tomorrow evening though when work comes-a-calling.

//All images are linked//

Needed: An Update

An accessories update that is. See above for lust-worthy, must-have, all-in-the-name-of pieces that will feed your soul as you starve because your food for a month is draped around your neck.

//All images are linked//