Tabitha Magazine: I’m Late to the Party

Snippets (couldn’t possibly post everything and ruin the surprise) from Lovetabii’s debut issue of Tabitha magazine. Launched in early January, I’ve finally gotten my hands on a copy of the issue featuring a stellar shoot by Shane O’Connor for Tabitha Vintage and a style profile on The Tinder Box’s Sarah O’ Hegarty.

Inspired by a fashion blog, Tabitha magazine branched out and embraced other aspects of the city’s varied culture. Speaking to the girls recently, the amount of work and the level of dedication and creativity put into the magazine is incredible. How many Irish blogs can you think of that have published magazines of late? I think you’ll find it to be nada. Only a thousand copies were printed this time and they absolutely flew out of the shops they were stocked in (Public Beware, Whelan’s, 9 Crow Street to name but a few).

Lovetabii is hoping to publish the second issue coming up to summer 2012, so keep an eye out for this new must-read.

To read Tabitha Magazine online, click here – To check out Lovetabii, the blog, click here.


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