Newsflash: The Kilo Sale

Having been a fan and customer of Shutterbug’s for some time now, I only jumped at the chance when owner – Blanaid Hennessy – went looking for volunteers to help out at their first ever Kilo Sale [For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kilo Sales, in this case you pay €20 upfront and can help yourself to a hefty kilo of whatever catches your eye – bargain!].

I was only delighted to come on board with the guys for one weekend on the 7 & 8 April, where myself and a host of other helpers will be working at Absolut Style at Set’s day out in the Langton House Hotel in Kilkenny. Come one, come all – you won’t regret it. I think the problem may be staying under budget on the day? At any rate, I’ll surely be blogging about it so if you don’t get the chance to check it out, I’ll have all the pictures and gossip from the weekend’s festivities.

For more info on Shutterbug’s Kilo Sale & Absolut Style at Set , check out their Facebook pages here & here.


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