Some Vogue Edits

Just a little something I read today while embracing a (shocking) lazy day. Another one. They’re becoming quite a problem of late. Probably an innate reluctance to sit down and focus upon the most pressing tasks at hand, i.e., research reports and thesis prep. Can you blame me?

Didn’t think so! Perusing through Vogue’s compilation of this season’s trends, I was pleasantly surprised to come across paisley. There’s a pattern we haven’t seen for a while. Which is only a good thing.

Another thing I was surprised to see were jammies. Is the pyjama trend a real thing? When women who dare to venture to the supermarket are pinned to the post for committing such fashion atrocities? Hypocrisy at its most malevolent I say!

Johnathan Saunders has pulled it out of the bag this season, from the colour palette to the emroidered brocade, it’ll be a sell-out high street look. Not to mention the sheer glamour of the Roaring Twenties flapper girl trend, which Gucci have monopolised this season.

Oh, I do love a fresh season!


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