Menswear Collections: What?

Despite the Menswear Shows being in full swing at this stage, I’ve barely posted about one of them, and that’s because there were celebrities involved – see Prada A/W12 – incredibly sophisticated and suave celebrities, Jamie Bell anyone?

Perusing the many blogs I subscribe to, the bloggers fortunate enough to be in Milan right now are of course all abuzz with the latest from the runways. Dries Van Noten – Psychedlic Elegance (Fashionista), etc. Yet, I find myself skimming. Yes, skimming! How insulting you may say.

I say – insulting – no. Merely just obvious signs of my lack of interest stemming from my lack of knowledge on the Menswear collections in general. Their ultimate relevance to the industry is as crucial as that of womenswear. 50/50 and all that. Their inspiration, their target audiences, their influences, even their models –  I am clueless. Shocking!…Is it wrong that I as an aspiring fashion journalist am not really that interested?…

Tis quite the conundrum…



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