Alexa Chung for Vero Moda S/S12

Never ever will I tire of this woman! Alexa Chung is seen here in Vero Moda S/S12, in what is one of the most gorgeous campaigns I’ve seen for what is essentially a high street brand.

Always a fan of their pretty basics, Vero Moda have stepped it up this season, aside from the addition of stellar stylista, Alexa Chung.

I have to admit, I’m really intrigued by this new direction Vero Moda are taking, it makes me see the brand in a whole new light. Which I assume was their intention? Either way, I’m seriously impressed. In case you guys hadn’t realised!

Also, for a fashion-esque film of the campaign, see below. I love this campaign!



2 thoughts on “Alexa Chung for Vero Moda S/S12

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