Mixing It Up with Preen S/S12

While I caught most S/S12 collections when they debuted, Preen’s managed to somehow slip under the radar. That is until I happened to see Nicola Roberts on the cover of InStyle’s February edition, wearing a dress from the very collection.

While I adore the floral patterns that make up the majority of  the Spring 2012 collections, I love Preen’s digitized, pixellated take on the trend, combining facets of various other textures and prints. It’s a fresh take on a trend that could possibly become a little stale.

Being a fan of the androgynous look, Preen’s digital prints combined with tailored two-pieces are exactly what I’ve been looking for (I’ve convinced myself that I will possess an item from Preen S/S12 sooner or later, whatever it takes…).

In the meantime, if I don’t manage to get my hands on the very dress Ms Roberts is wearing on the cover of InStyle, I can always compensate with a piece from Preen’s collaboration with high street legend, Aldo. The collaboration is part of the shoe giant’s Aldo Rise Initiative, in conjunction with other designers such as Mark Fast and Christian Cota. As you may have guessed though, Preen is my favourite.



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