Instagram: The Latest Addiction

Just some of my photography from an addictive little iPhone app you may all have heard of, goes by the name of Instagram. As is obvious, I’m addicted and has now been added to the list of things to be checked day in day out, all day long (read emails, Twitter, blogs, Facebook, etc etc!).

At the moment, I’m doing the #365photo challenge on Instagram. Pretty obvious what it is and so far I’ve been sticking to it. It’s hard trying to find something different each day, hopefully now that I’m back in Dublin I’ll have an array of fashion-related things to share on Instagram.

Have to be honest though, the idea was pilfered from a little site called IFB, otherwise known as Independent Fashion Bloggers. The name says it all. As well as this simple but brilliant idea, there’re millions of other posts about creative projects for the new year, all posted by the various contributors to IFB. If you haven’t registered with IFB already, you’re missing out. Please do so now (BTW I’m not affiliated with IFB in any way, just really admire what they do)!


One thought on “Instagram: The Latest Addiction

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