Blair Mercer: Undercover Assistant

Her first column is only a week old and already I’m waiting for the next one. I’m also very intrigued. As an aspiring fashion journalist, a tell-all column from the belly of the beast is just what I need to dissuade me from thinking that fashion journalism, or any career in fashion for that matter, is just about Fashion Weeks and the latest trends. As Blair Mercer, intern-turned-Fashion-Assistant at a Major Publishing House, so honestly informs us, there’s more than you would think. Her blurb goes a little something like this: She’s hauled sacks of Louboutins through the Sahara, been wrestled by Colonel Gaddafi’s guards at a five star hotel in Paris and was physically scarred by an A-list celeb. She’ll tell you all about it.

As you would expect, there are no names, only people referred to by their job titles. Blair is now Fashion Assistant, responsible for Fashion Director and entrusted with looking after Celebrity’s Model Daughter, swept away to Paris and as you do, makes many a faux-pas within minutes of her arrival at her uber-sophisticated French hotel. It’s all very Devil Wears Prada. And so the column continues with witty instances of her first day as Fashion Assistant in Paris, concluding with Blair falling head over heels outside Chanel. Once again, as you do.

My question now is whether or not this column is the real deal or not? Or…Whether it’s the brainchild of an aspiring hopeful like myself who actually craves that very job? Well according to recent Tweets, it’s 100% real, with Blair claiming that her next column – Diamonds & Cupcakes – will blow her debut out of the water. I cannot wait!

Follow @blair_mercer on Twitter for extra behind-the-scenes tidbits.



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