More Sales Booty

In addition to my earlier post on Christmas booty and the post-Christmas sales haul, I have yet more bargains to share with you guys.

I happened to stop into Urban Outfitters today and found it to be a sales mecca. Literally. Coming across a pair of wine-coloured Mary Janes and a Silence & Noise blazer, I’ve begun the hunt for my work experience wardrobe. Apologies for the creases in my beloved new blazer, I was too eager to post and abandoned the iron. As for the sleek little velvet number I bought, it was a bargain at €12 reduced from €50.

Now browsing their website, I can see myself penniless for the forseeable future after another mega-splurge. While P&P is steep at just under €11, the bargains on offer are more than worth it. I’ve been pining after this coat since last year – and now it shall be mine at last.


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