Christmas booty

Admittingly, I am somewhat late with this post, however, having been confined to the wilds of the countryside this week, I cannot be blamed. I was also waiting for the addition of the sales goods. And now here they are!

This year I was lucky enough to have gotten most of what was on my wishlist. How bad? As you can see from my rather hasty pictures, the majority of my presents were clothes, including a well-lusted after faux leopard print coat and embellished clutch. The clutch is part of the sales booty, bought in Accessorize, reduced to a bargain €20.

As well as the usual handbags, perfume and money (I was a very lucky girl this year), I came across a chain link necklace in Accessorize. I love it because it’s silver, which I’m trying to wear more of these days. I’m also awaiting the arrival of my Topshop boots, bought online on St Stephens Day.

One of my favourite and most unexpected items this year though is the book I came across in TK Maxx for only €10. As is obvious from the title, this book has some of the most beautiful illustrations seen in Harpers Bazaar magazine for some forty years. I’ve already had a quick glance through it and cannot wait to dive in once my working weekend is over. Expect a review soon, that’s why I’ve left out some of the best pieces. Although I couldn’t resist throwing in an illustration of the timeless Audrey Hepburn.

The Iconic Illustrations

Elizabeth Taylor by David Downton for Rouge Winter 2011

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Pretty Much Everything?

Perusing, I came across a piece on fashion photographers, Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin. Their soon-to-be-released compilation of work, Pretty Much Everything, will be available in the new year. Celebrating 25 years as landmark fashion photographers, the body of work that has become their first monograph is as intriguing and inspirational as they are. Business partners, as well as husband & wife, this bond shines through in their work.

Their work is striking, and varies with each shot. There are fun shots, as seen with the satirical Girls on Film. Then there are the shots that stop you in your tracks, and demand you focus that bit longer. Alexander McQueen’s portrait is testament to this. Past clients include Balmain, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Vogue Paris. It is with such clients that Inez & Vinoodh were able to conceptualise what they deem to be the struggle within contemporary fashion photography.

Both believe they are working within the concepts of art and fashion as a unit, as opposed to embracing the two as separate entities. This is evident in their work on what they call ‘Fashion Films, rather than BTS (behind-the-scenes) work, which ‘demystifies’ the process. While Inez & Vinoodh ‘photograph human beings’, they seem to want to capture the illusive elements belonging to human beings. Check out Kate Moss for Balmain in one of Inez & Vinoodh’s fashion films.

For more from the  interview with Inez and Vinoodh, see


Sass & Bide S/S12

Apologies if this particular post is a tad disjointed, my internet decided to crash and lose all that had been written just as I was about to press Save Draft. Wonderful.

Nevertheless, courtesy of, I’m delighted to see that some of my favourite trends are still majors for S/S12, as shown by Sass & Bide S/S12. I also appreciate the fact that I am quite late to the party commenting on the S/S12 collection now, however, we’ll just call it a recap shall we?

Embellishments, clashing patterns, flowing fabrics and acid brights (which have been trend staples in previous seasons) are still key looks for S/S12. While these trends are synonymous with most S/S12 collections, I adore Sass & Bide’s fresh take on them, which may or may not be down to the input of stellar stylist and fashion editor, Julia Sarr-Jamois. For this collection, JSJ acted as stylist-in-chief.

The sports luxe trend also made an appearance with mesh overlays and embellished neoprene dresses. As is obvious, I am quite taken with their S/S12 offerings, mostly because there’s an urban edge to the collection.

Perhaps the best take on the collection comes from itself, as Meenal Mistry describes the Sass & Bide girl as a ‘magpie urban lass’, influenced by Coco Chanel. How true.

For more from Sass & Bide S/S12, see

Topshop S/S12

The arrival of Topshop S/S12 is fast approaching, therefore I feel that a recap is in order. Since the collection premiered at LFW in September, Topshop devotees, have been waiting with bated breath until February when S/S12 is available in-stores.

This season, Topshop is bringing back the nineties in a big way with faded neon and sports luxe. The collection is given a contemporary edge with their futuristic pieces, embracing the trend with sheer fabrics and neon detailing.

Elizabeth Taylor’s influence has been integral, as seen in the glamour and opulence of the hieroglyphic prints and Cleopatra-themed embellishments. According to Topshop’s InsideOut blog, their design team tried to imagine what a ‘contemporary Egyptian queen would wear in urban London’ when creating Unique S/S12.

Despite the contrasting themes, the collection is united by Topshop’s vision of a range created for a ‘fresh, cool girl’.

February also sees the arrival of the acclaimed Mary Katrantzou for Topshop, this English designer being the latest in a string of iconic collaborations, in what is set to be another sell-out range.

For more on the S/S12 collection, see

For a behind-the-scenes look at Topshop Unique at LFW, as well as a cameo from FashionToast’s Rumi Neely, see the video below.

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