It shouldn’t work…

…but it does!

The above are prime examples of that elusive phenomenon deemed ‘being fashion forward’ in the industry. Personally, I love the term and all that it implies, and I find that street style (again with the street style) is the place for pushing the boundaries fashion-wise.  There’s a definite element of so-bad-it’s-good involved though.

For me, I think it’s moreso that I would never have the bravery or indeed the imagination, for certain pieces and combinations. There’s a confidence involved, and a need for avant-garde fashion, even when sporting denim cut-offs with platforms and socks. Needless to say, there’s an element of so-bad-it’s-good involved with the adorable Mickey Mouse lady above.

My particular favourite has got to be the very first picture, with the combination of oversized stripey silk pants and faux fur stole. On paper, horrendous. In picture, not so much. Actually kinda fabulous.

Images courtesy of The Sartorialist, The Style Scout and Stockholm Street Style


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