Breaking with the high street

As I search desperately through my wardrobe for something to wear on yet another unplanned night out, I realise that I’m in a rut, fashion-wise. Yes, anybody is capable of such a heinous crime however, here I am still posting on my fashion blog. As such, I intend to rectify that, ASAP!

I think the problem is that I latch onto one particular brand and boom, there’s my ready-to-wear wardrobe for the next six months. Currently Topshop’s turn, I’ve decided that the cycle must be broken! I am now self-imposing a ban on all and anything Topshop for the next good while.

The problem for the most part is the absolute ease of availability, the high street is always there. Whereas vintage is slightly off the beaten track and possibly requires a little more trawling before you find that standout piece. It’s something I’m really beginning to develop an interest in, offering new and exciting ways to combine all sorts of styles and trends. Ironic really considering you are dealing with clothes that are decades old. For vintage here in Dublin, you can’t go wrong with Om Diva or The Harlequin, both in the Georges Arcade area. 9 Crow Street in Temple Bar is also making waves, check it out here.

Not everything found off the high street need be vintage though. Beaux Bows in the Georges St Arcade is a prime example of cute kitsch, a shop offering new pieces, whilst not being a slave to trends. Also, they’re stuff is much more affordable than certain high street shops I’m not going to mention.

Big thanks are in order to Beaux Bows, 9 Crow Street and Hazel and co. in Om Diva for all their help today! You can check them out here, Om Diva,  9 Crow Street and Beaux Bows.


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