Could the real Nicola please stand up?

Always renowned for being the shy ‘ugly duckling’ of the group (I use that phrase with a grain of salt people), Nicola Roberts was never the one to watch in Girls Aloud. However, as her bandmates revelled in their stardom, Nicola was steadily absent from the limelight. Until now that is. Having recently released her first album, her first single was met with mixed reviews. During her sabbatical from Girls Aloud mania, Nicola had been taking time out for herself and her new beau, discovering herself, if you will, and started embracing her formerly-denounced ginger locks. I can say ginger because I am ginger. Ginger! As well as embracing her natural hair colour she began to cultivate her interest in all things fashion. Her choices were daring, oftentimes fabulous, oftentimes not. Her new artwork for her album and publicity shots for it have been in every fashion magazine lately and I can’t help but wonder, who is Nicola Roberts? Because the girl we’ve been seeing fashioned in various quirky cool shots and abandoned warehouses is certainly not former church mouse, Nicola Roberts. The whole look is so overly exaggerated that it feels like a publicity stunt.

It may seem like I’m being overly harsh, but it’s just because I expect so much of her! Nicola has been so good up to now at avoiding plastic surgery and engagements to questionable American ‘football players’. She also started a successful cosmetics line, ass well as making some fantastic outfit choices, as I previously mentioned. Continue to make daring fashion choices Nicola. On your own. You seem much more self-confident when styling yourself. Although maybe nay-say the fuchsia pink next time.

// We Heart It //


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