Mr T style

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Selection from

Rest assured people, this post isn’t about Mr T as a style inspiration but more about his bling, and how we can fashion a more stylishly subdued look. Having always been a fan of chunky costume jewellery, I’ve built up quite a collection. Mostly from the high street and that, but the odd piece is vintage or House of Harlow type labels. I really do believe that jewellery, not even accessories, but jewellery itself, elevates an outfit from average to wow in the adorning of a statement ring or gold chain.

My personal favourites are chunky rings worn two a penny on one hand, with a chunky gold chain for good measure. I always wear a watch too, but that doesn’t really count as that serves an actual purpose (so too does jewellery but you know what I mean). The bigger the better as far as I am concerned, particularly with watches, rings and chains. I stopped stacking bracelets and bangles after everybody started doing it and now that layering rings is the trendy thing to do, it seems I may be going all 2009 with my (retro?) bangles. If House of Harlow and Erin Wasson jewellery is not within your budget (it’s actually not within mine either…), and even the high street leaves you strapped, then ASOS Marketplace, vintage shops, Shutterbug, or even market stalls are great places for picking up pieces over time. Georges St. Arcade is my particular creeping spot for a vintage bargain. The main thing to remember is layering and to keep the look varied, but with a theme. Gold with gold, silver with silver, chunky with chunky. You get the picture.

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