Quirky cool

With that gorgeous pout and Jerry Hall as her mother, it’s no surprise that Georgia-May Jagger is the model of the moment. Modelling since she was seventeen, she’s a pro at this stage. Her look is very seventies, what with the flowing blond locks and pouty glamour. Very reminiscent of her mother, former mega-supermodel, Jerry Hall.

While Cindy Crawford has her mole, Georgia-May has her gap-toothed grin, which is highly ironic considering her profession. However, it is her signature quirk that has made her the model she is today. Georgia-May is a regular fixture with all high-fashion magazines, recently landing a Vogue Italia editorial, where she was styled as an androgynous teddy-boy. My absolute favourite shoot of her to date. After replacing Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel, basically, Georgia-May is fast becoming more mainstream. I think I like her the way she is though, working away and cultivating this body of gorgeous work.

Images courtesy of Style.com, Models.com and WeHeartIt


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