Style Inspiration #6

I have fallen in love with model-turned-blogger/Street Style photographer Hanneli Mustaparta!

While I’m not usually a huge fan of minimalism in tailoring, Hanneli carries off classic tailoring with a street-style edge in the form of Jeffrey Campbell’s with a lace dress or high-waisted shorts with a classic sweater with aplomb. Basically, she has FUN with fashion! In Grazia’s Big Fashion Issue 2012, she described her style as “minimalistic and a bit cuckoo”. An aspiration to look to methinks.

Her style most definitely encompasses her work, in that she must dress with a modicum of professionalism, but can still have fun as she is out on the streets, at the hub of it all. Also, the fact that she’s a former model means that anything she wears is going to look amay-zinggg. Obviously.

She’s an inspiration, and the type of fashion photographer I hope to become. Check out the video below for a day-in-the-life-of, courtesy of Tory Burch.

All images courtesy of, and WeHeartIt


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