Decisions decisions

ASOS Ashford – ASOS Revive Ablaze – River Island shoe boot – Topshop Adina – Topshop Audio

Doc Martens

Deena & Ozzy for Urban Outfitters Chelsea Boot

It’s that time of year again when a gal has to re-stock the winter wardrobe with the season’s latest offerings, namely, winter essentials. Having bought my gorgeous new parka from River Island a mere month ago, I’m hardly in the position to be browsing boots however, here I am! My particular favourites on offer at the moment are ASOS’s purple velvet wedges and Urban Outfitter’s Chelsea boots from Deena & Ozzy. UO’s pony skin Doc Martens also deserve a mention, although at a hefty €274, I think all I’ll be doing is admiring them.

// Images via Urban Outfitters, Topshop, River Island and ASOS //


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