Is that all there is?

You all know what an advocate I am of Jades and that I was only too happy to see her crowned Top Dog 2011, aka the winner of BINTM 2011 . As part of her many exclusive prizes – such as a modelling contract with Models One, a spiffy new car and a deluxe penthouse apartment – she will also make her mark as the face of Miss Selfridge for the coming year. Released in record time, the shots have just hit the web-o-sphere and frankly, they’re not really doing a whole lot for me. Yes, she looks gorgeous and still maintains that distinctive style of hers, but, in what is the death knell for any model, Jade persists in making the same face, which happens to come across as more than a tad sullen. In every photo. Commended throughout the competition for her fierceness and ultimately her presence in her photos, that was her thing. However, the competition is over and she has been crowned the winner. We know she’s fierce!! Overall the styling is just ok, little bit ‘meh’. Miss Selfridge could have done so much better styling-wise.



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