At the heart of Irish vintage

Vintage boutique Shutterbug first came to my attention when featured on Xposé some months ago. Forget the Xposé bit and re-read the first part of the sentence – vintage. street-style. here. in Ireland. I’ve been obsessed ever since! The vintage clothes, jewellery and accessories they rummage for all over the world are to die for, and exactly what I and other street-style loving girls were craving for a long time now. Pioneered by Blanaid Hennessy, Shutterbug’s public profile has slowly but surely risen as the shop has been featured in various uber-cool publications to date, such as Style magazine and the likes.

As would be expected, Blanaid and co. are beginning to garner quite the cult following amongst vintage fashionistas here in Ireland. Operating out of Kilkenny, occasionally venturing up to the Big Smoke to sell their wares, they can either be found in The Beauty Spot on Thursdays, or Powerscourt at the weekends. Their studio/shop itself is gorgeous, and has been turned from a relatively normal shop unit into a kitsch treasure-trove of vintage finds. I’ve already given them my custom, needless to say I will again. Shutterbug has also adopted Lauren Bejaoui as their muse for everything and anything Shutterbug-related, and we all know how much I just love that girl! The above images are only a SNIPPET of what is to be found in Shutterbug – for more on Shutterbug, see their Facebook page here.


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