Jeffrey Campbell Litas – yay or nay?

The shoe du jour, no doubt, but not to everybody’s tastes. More a street style grunge-girl shoe, Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas have been met with some distaste. While I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair as of yet, I LOVE them, despite them having the look of Dr Martens with wooden blocks attached as heels (A highly-eloquent description and a testament to my journalistic skills, I know) – I’m thinking there’s a slight ‘mob mentality’ thing going on here? Basically, they are quite the clunky shoe boot, possibly ill-advised for those of us not blessed with legs akin to a gazelles. Yes, I see the irony in my craving of a pair. Nonetheless, see above pictures for clarification of utter need you will feel for JC Litas. Although, at this point, I’m gonna put it out there and say it is now also a status thing. How embarrassing for me…

// Shutterbug // We Heart It //


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