Topknot 101

So, for a while now the topknot has been my go-to hair do for any occasion. What started off as a means of sticking my hair on top of my head on a bad hair day has now morphed into my way of looking uber-cool on the go. So easy to do for any hair type longer than the shoulders, I’ve worked out my own way of making this hair-do work for me, specifically for my hair type and face shape. My personal tip is to turn the head upside down after backcombing only the ends (try to avoid the bouffant look – as long as there is texture, the hair will fall nicely), and twist around the fingers until the desired knot-look is achieved, whether you want it tight, or loose and scruffy. Secure with a bobbin, some hairspray and you’re good to go! Also, ‘donuts’, which absolutely everybody has been rocking lately, don’t help with this look. The look is unkempt cool, which unless you want a huge mound of hair on top of your head, is impossible to achieve with a donut.

//We Heart It//


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