Dolce & Gabbana AW11

While not usually a fan of D&G, I LOVE this one! The clothes, the textures, the androgyny, the metallics, the location, it’s completely different to anything they’ve done so far, while still screaming this-is-a-D&G-campaign. Clever, huh?  One thing though – I am yet to be enticed by the whole star trend that has slowly but surely made its way onto the high street via the runway. Maybe it’s a grower? My particular favourites however, are the metallic and patent brogues worn throughout, and the jewel-embellished coat. It’s urban chic in high fashion clothing, and this shoot makes you think this look is easily attainable with a little help from the high street. Needless to say, I’m loving the androgynous side of the shoot and fully intend to sport a man’s crisp white shirt, bowler hat and high-waisted Levis with an equally masculine Teddy Boy coat.


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