And the winner is…

BINTM’s Winner 2011


After weeks of relatively tame competition, Jade was crowned the winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. And while I was wholly unfortunate to have missed the crowing of the would-be supermodel, her pictures are now everywhere –  there can be no denying that she looks amay-zing! As the winner of BINTM Jade has a four-page spread in Company magazine, a publication which has been a longtime supporter of the show,  regularly featuring BINTM competitors and shoots.

From the very start Jade was the one to beat with what the judges called her fiery intensity, her presence in each and every other shot, what Tyra Banks herself calls the power of ‘smising’. While Juste was a worthy opponent, Jade’s look won me over from the get-go. Her quirky look, complete with dynamite body, gorgeous freckles and fiery red hair is so current and so fresh, she was always the clear winner.

// We Heart It // CompanyMagazine //


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