i-D intro

While never having read i-D magazine (so I’m a real expert!), I will most definitely be keeping an eye on it from now on. Just check out its selection of Fall 2011 covers featuring the inimitable Carine Roitfeld and supermodel, Lara Stone. Also landing a cover were Fei Fei Sun and Abbey Lee Kershaw. The covers were shot by photographers Richard Bush, Terry Richardson, Daniel Jackson and David Bailey, with all covers featuring the magazine’s signature wink. Lara’s cover is the most drastic of all, such a change from her usual Danish elegance, while Carine’s outfit is typical of her style, a satin peplum skirt contrasted with a HRM cut up tee.

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Tune for the weekend

While this may damage my credibility somewhat, I can’t help it, I’m loving this guy right now! He’s back on top form as the cheeky chappie that he was when he first graced us with his presence on The X Factor. Chilled out tune for the weekend, perfect for this ‘Indian Summer’ we’re having, eh?

Weekend Read

A fascinating look at where it all began in sixties Vietnam for the woman who went on to revolutionise photography. To think that she started in the sixties and she’s still going strong is testament to her innate talent. Her body of work from the eighties onwards is particularly though-provoking. Annie’s chapter on touring with the Rolling Stones in the seventies is such an incredible insight into life on the road as it was in its heyday. You won’t be able to put it down!

Dolce & Gabbana AW11

While not usually a fan of D&G, I LOVE this one! The clothes, the textures, the androgyny, the metallics, the location, it’s completely different to anything they’ve done so far, while still screaming this-is-a-D&G-campaign. Clever, huh?  One thing though – I am yet to be enticed by the whole star trend that has slowly but surely made its way onto the high street via the runway. Maybe it’s a grower? My particular favourites however, are the metallic and patent brogues worn throughout, and the jewel-embellished coat. It’s urban chic in high fashion clothing, and this shoot makes you think this look is easily attainable with a little help from the high street. Needless to say, I’m loving the androgynous side of the shoot and fully intend to sport a man’s crisp white shirt, bowler hat and high-waisted Levis with an equally masculine Teddy Boy coat.

And the winner is…

BINTM’s Winner 2011


After weeks of relatively tame competition, Jade was crowned the winner of Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. And while I was wholly unfortunate to have missed the crowing of the would-be supermodel, her pictures are now everywhere –  there can be no denying that she looks amay-zing! As the winner of BINTM Jade has a four-page spread in Company magazine, a publication which has been a longtime supporter of the show,  regularly featuring BINTM competitors and shoots.

From the very start Jade was the one to beat with what the judges called her fiery intensity, her presence in each and every other shot, what Tyra Banks herself calls the power of ‘smising’. While Juste was a worthy opponent, Jade’s look won me over from the get-go. Her quirky look, complete with dynamite body, gorgeous freckles and fiery red hair is so current and so fresh, she was always the clear winner.

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